Planting Trees


Hopefully these barrels of water will help keep our greenhouse warm at night!

Fixing up the Potting Table


Planting the Wills Christmas Tree

Fixing up the Greenhouse: Before


Dad prepping the double row

4 year old plants in 1 gal pots. Variety: Misty

50 plants to squeeze in!

Ian and Bek pin down the ground cover while Jonathan and Ragan spread compost and pine needles.



Taylor teaches Carrie how to use the post hole digger while Ian adds 2 gals of peat moss to each hole.

We couldn't squeeze in all 50 but we are happy with our work!


Nathaniel and Khiry working on the greenhouse.

We’re looking forward to winter.  We have four trays of lettuce and broccoli to place in the greenhouse for the cold months.   Ms. Lula will eventually store her plants in the greenhouse.  In January and February, there will be a lot of plants, such as, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and flowers stored, too.  We would like to thank the Little Rock Parks, USDA-NIFA and the Second Presbyterian Church for donations to make our greenhouse possible.